Words Do Hurt

At my other blog Katherines Corner it's Wordy Wordless Wednesday where I usually share my photography. But today's photos are more serious than usual and are not my photography and are not related to weddings, parties or DIY crafts either. They are the work of the talented photographer Lisa Tucker. Those of you who visit my other blog Katherines Corner regularly know that I have written about my experience with bullying and our granddaughters experience with bullying ( although I kept her experiences private). Lisa Tucker created a PSA for anti bullying- Stop Bullying "Words Do Hurt". She features several victims of bullying and our oldest granddaughter Savannah is included. Although this makes me cry it also makes me beam with pride. God Bless Savannah's beautiful heart, she wanted to participate and share her experience if it could help others.
 She is brave and beautiful and has a heart  as big as the sky. 
We love her very much!
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  1. Savannah is SO brave!! It's good of her to actively advocate for this anti-bullying campaign!

    Btw, she is absolutely beautiful Katie.


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