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The title of this post may confuse some of you. But, it's a wonderful one for me. I have been a member of SITS for a couple of years now through my other blog Katherines Corner . I have never been featured before so I was thrilled to hear from the SITS girls that my new blog had been selected. When I started this blog for my shop I knew I wanted to connect with SITS too. Today is my SITS day!

I started this blog to share selections from my shop and provide some helpful wedding and party planning ideas,along with featuring talented photographers and  talented bloggers who want to share their DIY party ideas, wedding ideas, photography, crafts and more. You don't have to be planning a wedding to find something lovely at my shop ( I have shabby chic decor, jewelry, hair clips and vintage accessories too) or to enjoy the things shared here. Please let me know if you would like to share, I'm happy to feature your post.

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At my shop Keepsakes By Katherine every day is a special occasion. It has been sweetly nicknamed the brides good luck charm.

Thank you to the SITS girls for this feature today. Thank you to all who take the time to leave a comment and to follow my blog xo♥

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Vintage Wedding Accessories

Hair, ah yes, everyone's love hate relationship, giggle. For your big day or special occasion a beautiful vintage brooch will add a gorgeous touch to your up do.

You can add a vintage brooch to your wedding sash or party dress too

It's an elegant touch that makes a statement.Find these vintage brooches and more at Keepsakes By Katherine.

Have you ever used a brooch as an accessory in your hair?

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Topiary Balls, Kissing Balls or Pomander Balls

I'm going to try to keep up by posting only once or twice a week. Thank you for your participation and sweet comments.
Kissing Balls, Topiary Balls or Pomander Balls, no matter what you call them they certainly are  a pretty way to decorate. I recently made some for an order and put a set in my shop. It started me thinking where did the kissing ball originate so I did a bit of research-

During the middle ages, people would wind together twine and evergreen branches into the shape of a ball. They would place a clay figurine representing Jesus in the center of the ball and they called them "holy boughs". They hung the boughs from the ceiling in castles to give blessings and good luck to all who passed under the bough .They stopped using the decoration in the Puritan era (17th-19th century) but they found resurgence in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria reigned. They were made of potato or apple and wrapped with a pretty ribbon. Sprigs of evergreen, holly and herbs were added into the potato or apple. This resulted in calling them "sweet ball’s .They looked pretty and smelled great too. The sweet balls were romanticized symbols of love, affection, charity, piety. Soon they were adorned with fragrant flowers symbolizing romantic love. They hung from the ceilings of ballrooms at parties and celebrations. Unmarried women would line up and stand underneath, and the unmarried men would line up to kiss the ladies! They were called kissing balls. The natural progression soon had “kissing balls” as common decorations at weddings.

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