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Patty from Patty's Pretty Things is my guest blogger today. She is sharing a beautiful diy cake box perfect for your guests to place cards. An attractive an inexpensive way for your guests to put their wedding wishes. Decorate it to match your theme! 

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Well, it's finally July, 2012.  That means it is wedding month for our family, the month we have been planning and waiting for.  Danny and Natasha will become husband and wife on July 14th and leaving for their honeymoon two weeks from today.  

I have wanted to make a faux wedding cake for my dining room table since they got engaged last fall but it has taken me until this weekend to bring the ideas from my head to material form.  Now that it is completed I can see that it was meant to take this long so it would be fresh for these last two weeks to enjoy.  You know how sometimes we make things and are disappointed with the results?  Well, this is a surprise because I am very happy with the way this cake turned out!  This is the first time I have attempted to make anything like this.

27 inches high by 14 inches diameter at the bottom
Years ago I worked with an amazing art teacher who made this faux wedding cake for the bridal shower she hosted for our music teacher.  I had always remembered this cake she made out of fabrics, pearls, cord, and tulle because I had thought when my kids get married I want to make a faux cake to decorate the dining room table, just for the fun of it.

So when Danny proposed to Natasha last September (and she said "yes") I knew I wanted to make a cake.  But how?

 I played with towels and just couldn't get that right.  Then I thought about using boxes, spray painting them white and decorating them.  Sherry from Decorating with Cents creates amazing things with her spray paint and boxes and gave me inspiration for this project.  (Thank you, Sherry!).  

This is kind of what I had in my mind.

source Pinterest
So I found some boxes lying around in the storage room.  I wanted it to be a tall cake since my dining room ceiling is so high. 

I got out my hot glue gun and glued the tops and bottoms together.

Then I spray painted them white. This was my first time spray painting.  I did it outside way in the backyard because I was afraid I would get paint on things that didn't need it (besides myself).  I probably should have started with an undercoating, but I just used the paint for several coats.  

I didn't take any more photos until the end result (I forgot - I was too excited to decorate it!)

I went to Michaels for the decorations and used my coupons.  It's nice that they can scan the coupons from the iPhone.  I found this garland for $4.49.  

I bought a 10 yard bolt of 4 inch white satin ribbon for $8.49.  It's not only beautiful but it covered lots of flaws on the boxes. I started at a corner on the back on all three boxes and folded the ends over and glued them down with the hot glue gun.  I ironed one end of the ribbon after measuring and cutting it so it would lie flat after being glued onto the box.

At each end of the garland is a plastic circle for hanging it so after gluing them down, I made large bows with the ribbon to cover them.  The only two areas of the garland that are glued down are the ends.  It is strong and lays perfectly.  I played with it to make the flowers and leaves lay on the boxes  just right. Then cut a slit in the top to fit your cards!

Total cost for my boxed wedding cake was $21.94.  Spray paint (I used 1 1/2 cans of white satin Valspar from Lowe's) $8.96, ribbon $8.49 and garland $4.49.  The boxes were free!

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  1. This is fabulous! I'm so glad that you linked it... wish I had found it when I was planning my wedding. Everything you do is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your talent!

    Hugs, girl!
    Stringtown Home

  2. Thank you Katherine for featuring my work. It was fun working with you.

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    E adoreii!

    Já estou te seguindo..
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    Ótima 5ª feiraa \º/


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