Travis Flynn Photography Its All In The Details

Travis Flynn of Travis Flynn Photography is a charming and talented photographer and it has been a pleasure working with him on this post. He works in the New York and Los Angeles areas and Travis believes that every wedding is beautiful. He gets to know his clients before the wedding, then they can relax, which results in more natural photographs.

As we all know a successful celebration is all in the details and today's post features wonderful details to inspire you on your big day.

A message from Travis-
"One reason I love to photograph weddings is that each bride and groom has a unique personality, and expresses it through the details of his and her wedding. I enjoy learning about different cultures and traditions. One of the challenges, as a wedding photographer, is to capture the unique personalities and details of each wedding.

It is a challenge to capture three-dimentional details to be displayed on a two-dimentional medium. The lighting has to be just right to maintain a sense of depth. I want my clients to be able to look back at their pictures years later and remember the sights, sounds, and emotions of their wedding. The pictures enable my clients to retrieve forgotten reality. The cake, the flowers, the music, and the makeup only last a short while, but the pictures have the power to renew memories."

These details really make an impression. Thank you Travis.

All images provided by Travis Flynn Photography

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  1. Those truly are spectacular details! I'd love it if you'd share the beauty at Off the Hook.

  2. An another awesome photographer! I love the way he placed importance on the simple details of a great wedding experience. I just think romance looking at these. Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays!

  3. What a talented photographer! Love all these pics! Those strawberries are ALMOST too cute to eat.


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