Petit Fours

I was enjoying tea the other day and the petit fours were served .It made me start thinking about petit fours for wedding receptions, afternoon tea,  luncheons, etc. A great idea for bridal showers too.

I am sharing one of my  pinterest boards with you today filled with lovelies almost to good to eat...almost. Just click on the image to visit the board

Are you considering petit fours for your celebration?



  1. Lordy, Lordy, I'm puttin' 5 pounds just lookin' at these delectable delights!! Yumm!! I see you found my 3rd and most neglected blog "Vintagicity". Thanks so much for the follow there too and I promise to get it updated soon! Have a wonderful evening!!

  2. Yes, they are so yummy and i like them better than cake bites. Following you back.


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