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It's Time for the new giveaway at my other blog Katherines Corner.  It was my birthday on November 1st.  and I'm giving you gifts! What? Giggle that's right and I'm calling the giveaway The Gobble Gobble Giveaway  because it celebrates one of my favorite holidays.

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DIY Burlap Wedding Banner

 Theresa from Dear Creatives is my featured guest blogger today. She is sharing a wonderful tutorial on how to make a burlap pennant wedding banner. Theresa the blog is yours....

I have been working on wedding projects for Amy & Dustin. I have been working & planning for quite some time on their special day! It is coming up quickly. Both live & work in northern CA. The lovely couple is my son & my new daughter in law! I love making things for couples.

Sharing a little tutorial for this banner. It  is made with burlap & painted paper with chalk paint & chalk lettering added to it. As requested it has Mrs. & Mr. instead of Mr. & Mrs. for the banner due to how the couple will be seated at the table. But, we all know who rules the house, lol…Nah, its a partnership!

  • Supply List: 
  • Woven burlap or Coffee Bag Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Quality Card Stock (not thin)
  • Glue for fabric & paper (Yes *paper / fabric glue)
  • Clear Gesso
  • 1″ or 2″ paint brush
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Black Chalk Paint (or color of your choice)
  • Acrylic Fixative (so chalk won’t wipe off)
  • chalk
  • stencil or (hand write)
  • Embellishments such as flowers or crystal hearts …*optional
  • Wheat or burlap colored thread

Now that you have gathered your supplies this is how to do it yourself with this step by step tutorial.

Step by Step: 
1 Cut burlap rectangles ( size 5″wide x 7″ tall /height )  You’ll need 6 for this project or adjust # to what you need if you change what is on it.
2 Find a shape you like & cut out 6 on quality card stock (not super thin scrap-book paper) & then apply clear gesso (no water on brush-you can dampen bush prior, but make sure to squeeze out all the water ) to each one one side only. Don’t worry if it curls a little it will flatten as it dries.
3 When gesso is dry add 2 layers of chalk paint (let dry completely in between paint layers! ) If you can’t see through then move onto the next step if you can see through to paper chalk paint a 3rd time
4. A) Give it plenty of time to dry 2-3 layers completely need hours (grab a cup of coffee, catch up on some laundry, pet the kitty, play with the kids…) Then come back with or without a stencil & chalk your words onto the dry chalk painted paper! Be careful, but also know you can take a damp cloth & wipe off chalk dust, slip ups, cleaning up detailing! Notice the chalk marks here (pic 5) & there wipe what you can off let dry. (don’t worry too much, you will final coat black chalk paint later)
4 B) Take your chalk lettered pieces outdoors, on a covered area spray lightly with an acrylic fixative so chalk won’t dissipate or rub off I used Fixativ 2070 purchased via Dick Blick but, you should be able to find something similar from a hobby shop or Michaels. (don’t freak out it looks like it disappears until it starts to dry) let dry completely!!
4C) While it’s drying sew banner together I used a twine I measured *(amount will vary on where you hang it allow for extra twine on each side which you can always cut shorter later) & lined it up prior to sewing. Keep word letters closer together, allow for spaces between words and the & sign. If sewing loosely woven burlap make sure go go around edges of rectangles with stitching first so you can pull off the frayed strands & it won’t unravel. ( that unraveling by the R, I just pulled it right off )
4D) Once all letters are dry use a good glue for fabric & paper to adhere to burlap. I used Yes ( it is a great glue used for many things including bookbinding) Make sure what you pick dries clear! Allow to dry completely
5) chalk paint over areas that need touching up let dry (don’t get too close to your lettering)  &  spray matte or glossy finish to protect it
6) let dry completely in a sunny area if possible, then hot glue or hand sew on flowers or embellishments & your done!
Don’t expect to complete this banner super quickly, but the results are amazing in person! It has this country chic, rustic romantic look that you are going to love, love, love!

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Lake Front Wedding Photography

Today's feature photographer is the very talented Emily from Emily Clark Photography located in Reno Nevada. She has been a pleasure to work with and has generously provided images from Laura and Troy's, ranch wedding for your inspiration.

Troy and Laura were married last year at an old ranch home. While the location was absolutely beautiful, they were having a lot of family travel from far away and didn't want to spend a lot of time having their portraits taken after the ceremony. However, their bride and groom photos were very important to them, so I suggested adding a "Day After Session" to their wedding package. This additional session was perfect for them. We only took a few moments after the ceremony to grab a couple images that way they could spend the extra time with their family. Then, fast forward a few weeks later, we met again for their bride and groom portraits. We chose an entirely new location, their family's lake front house at Lake Tahoe, which was very dear to them. We also chose to have the images done at sunrise for optimal lighting. And if all those weren't good reasons to wait for portraits, wearing her gorgeous garden inspired dress again certainly was! :-)

I hope you and your readers will enjoy the images Katherine. Thanks again for the feature! Emily

All photographs provided by Emily Clark Photography
Emily's Website click here
Emily's Blog click here
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Words Do Hurt

At my other blog Katherines Corner it's Wordy Wordless Wednesday where I usually share my photography. But today's photos are more serious than usual and are not my photography and are not related to weddings, parties or DIY crafts either. They are the work of the talented photographer Lisa Tucker. Those of you who visit my other blog Katherines Corner regularly know that I have written about my experience with bullying and our granddaughters experience with bullying ( although I kept her experiences private). Lisa Tucker created a PSA for anti bullying- Stop Bullying "Words Do Hurt". She features several victims of bullying and our oldest granddaughter Savannah is included. Although this makes me cry it also makes me beam with pride. God Bless Savannah's beautiful heart, she wanted to participate and share her experience if it could help others.
 She is brave and beautiful and has a heart  as big as the sky. 
We love her very much!
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Wedding Party Favor DIY

Patty from Patty's Pretty Things is my guest blogger today. She is sharing a  sweet and inexpensive wedding favor craft. The blog is yours Patty-

I have seen packs of tic tacs decorated for different things (here and here), so I thought why not cover some for Danny and Natasha's rehearsal dinner?  Natasha chose light pink and black for her colors.  This is what I came up with:


Jon Woodbury Photography

The very talented photographer Jon Woodbury captures a bride's personality in every photo. I chose a few of his fabulous photos to share with you today I love the artistic quality of his work and the vintage feel of some of these photographs. The beautiful brides in their poses remind me of days gone by. Mr Woodbury says " my favorite part of wedding photography is working with you to develop a concept and create images that could never exist without our partnership" It's with this thought in mind that he manages to capture the moments that you will always treasure and that you will be proud to display.

 all photographs provided by Jon Woodbury Photography
.There is much more inspiration to be found at his Website and his Blog

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Embrace- Morgan Leigh Photography

I always enjoy sharing the work of talented wedding photographers. Today I am sharing some lovely candid images from Caz and Jessie's wedding generously provided by Utah photographer Morgan of Morgan Leigh Photography  These lovely photos capture the beautiful couples joy in every embrace.

Wishing this lovely couple a lifetime of happiness and unlimited embraces and wishing all who see this hugs, hugs hugs!♥

 all photographs provided by Morgan Leigh Photography
Morgans Blog click HERE

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Feature Day SITS Day

The title of this post may confuse some of you. But, it's a wonderful one for me. I have been a member of SITS for a couple of years now through my other blog Katherines Corner . I have never been featured before so I was thrilled to hear from the SITS girls that my new blog had been selected. When I started this blog for my shop I knew I wanted to connect with SITS too. Today is my SITS day!

I started this blog to share selections from my shop and provide some helpful wedding and party planning ideas,along with featuring talented photographers and  talented bloggers who want to share their DIY party ideas, wedding ideas, photography, crafts and more. You don't have to be planning a wedding to find something lovely at my shop ( I have shabby chic decor, jewelry, hair clips and vintage accessories too) or to enjoy the things shared here. Please let me know if you would like to share, I'm happy to feature your post.

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Vintage Wedding Accessories

Hair, ah yes, everyone's love hate relationship, giggle. For your big day or special occasion a beautiful vintage brooch will add a gorgeous touch to your up do.

You can add a vintage brooch to your wedding sash or party dress too

It's an elegant touch that makes a statement.Find these vintage brooches and more at Keepsakes By Katherine.

Have you ever used a brooch as an accessory in your hair?

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